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This is a bid-winning project of the fifth national wind power concession tender organized by National Development and Reform Commission and also the start-up and demonstrative project of the first 10 GW wind power base in China.

This wind farm is located in the Gobi desert in the south-west of Yumen town, Jiuquan municipality, Gansu province. The site is of open and flat terrain, good geological conditions and with easy access to road, water and power supply sand ideal for building big wind farms. The wind farm has excellent wind resources with an annual average wind speed at the height of 70 meter for representative years being 7.89m/s and annual average power density being 427.4 W/m².

The total CERs of the project are as follows. The project not only improves the local environment conditions but also increases local taxes and employment opportunities which result in local economy boost and good social benefits.

SCE SO₂ NO₂ CO₂ CO Soot H₂0
16.41WT 7321T 2077T 38.75WT 52.63T 4.12WT 1.12T